At Fur-Get-Me-Nots, treats are a special part of any animal's diet. There are training treats, breath cleansing treats, chewy treats and even treats for dogs with allergies. Some of the product lines we carry are Old Mother Hubbard, Mother Nature, Buddy Biscuits, Zukes, Innova, Sojo's, Zen Puppy, Natural Balance, Charlie Bears, Dog and Cat Greenies, and BilJac Treats. We have frozen raw bones as well as smoked meaty marrow bones. And what best friend wouldn't love you for bringing home one of our special Merrick products for a teething puppy or just a good dog who needs a satisfying chew. And we don't forget our cat, bird, rabbit, or guinea pig friends either with lots of special blends they enjoy. We even stock tastey treats for ferrets, rats and reptiles.  

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